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  • Where is Rooted NW located?

    East of Arlington, WA

  • When should members join?

    ASAP! We have a membership process that allows you to test the waters before committing to becoming a full member. The earlier you start that process the earlier you can become a member, which enables you to be part of our decision-making group and lets you participate in design workshops. The sooner you join, the more capacity you’ll have to steer how the community is designed.

  • When will construction start?

    TBD, we’re still determining the permitting pathway. When construction begins will be a function of the process we choose with regard to permitting. We’re hoping for a move in date within the next 3 to 4 years.

  • How do I become a member?

    Step one is to attend one of our online info sessions. If you like what you hear we will try to arrange a site visit for you (if you’re in the area, and COVID-19 willing). At that point you can choose to become an explorer and take the first step toward getting to know us and the project better.

  • Do I need to work in farming to live here?

    We really hope to create a project that provides for the needs of farmers and those who wish to start farming. This project is intended to put land access and housing together to help people get started. In fact, we are exploring ways to create discounts for farmers who want to be a part of Rooted NW.

    That said, not every single person here will be a farmer. We welcome people from all walks of life. However, everyone who lives here must support farming. That means having an understanding of what it takes to farm which may include spreading manure on fields, bringing in crops late at night to beat the rain, and hearing roosters in the morning.

    In addition, there will also likely be people involved in the farming aspect of the project that live off-site.

  • How much will the houses cost?

    As of now, all we can know for sure is that they will cost a range starting around $400k and ranging to $900k. There are many factors affecting price – The design we members end up choosing for the homes and commons, final costs of infrastructure such as roads and water system, how many are pre-sold by the time we start construction, etc.

  • How can they be financed?

    The houses can be financed with regular approaches such as construction loans or mortgages. In addition we will try to come up with private financing (i.e., loans from people) for qualifying folks.

  • Who is paying for everything? Is there a developer company behind this?

    We have been able to secure loans to cover startup and land costs from a mix of social-impact oriented individuals and a local bank who will be giving us favorable terms – as they like our mission. There are no 3rd parties running the show: we, the group of members, will collectively fulfill the role of what is traditionally “the developer”, and no one in the team is taking a profit.

  • What does one actually buy?

    You will buy a house with a small private garden lot, to which you will own title. This is like regular house ownership. In addition, you will become a member of the HOA that owns the village commons buildings and open spaces, infrastructure, and shared areas. Leading up to that you will be able to participate as a decision-maker on how that gets built by being a member of the community LLC.
    All members will have access to the farm infrastructure and land for no additional fee, and can implement plans with our agriculture circle that mesh well with our goals of long-term stewardship and a live permaculture master plan we’ll be maintaining.
    We may reserve 1 to 4 lots to sell ready-to-build, as long as the construction follows the CC&Rs that we will design together as members.
    In addition to a house, people will be able to buy a reserved parking spot in the car areas.