Autonomy with Shared Responsibility

We are strong believers in personal freedom and choices that add to collective good.

Ecological Stewardship & Resilience

We take care of the earth so the earth can take care of us across generations.

Participatory, Democratic Governance

We all are included in action-oriented governance and decision-making.


We work to nurture each other and to acknowledge and undo our collective internal systems of oppression to become a more inclusive and diverse community.

Meaningful Work

We offer an opportunity to live a life that is deeply satisfying.

What is Cohousing?

Cohousing is an intentional community designed to foster connection. Physical spaces allow neighbors to easily interact with others just outside private homes, while common areas bring people together and collaborative decision-making builds relationships.

Each home has traditional amenities like a private entrance, full kitchen, and fenced yard. In addition, shared spaces feature a common house with a large kitchen and dining area, laundry, and recreational spaces. Shared outdoor space include parking, walkways, open space, gardens, and toolshed/workshops. Our biggest shared space is the farmland, where families can opt to participate as occasional volunteers, in part-time ventures, or in full-time farming enterprises.

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