“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, and magic and power in it. Begin it now.” – Goethe

The future beating heart of our Agrivillage will be our Common House — the place where we cook, share meals, play, sing, dance, make art, meet, and connect with one another on a daily basis. We gathered this weekend with architect Bryan from @caddiscollaborative to help weave our many dreams for this central space into a single, collective vision that can be designed and built. We discussed everything from how we want to feel in our common living room to what do with muddy boots to where to store half-finished puzzles. How exciting to begin to bring our dreams out of the clounds and onto the ground!

Photo 1: Brian helping us prioritize spaces and uses.

Photo 2: A younger member’s blueprint.

Photo 3: Gathering at the future location of the Common House.


What Else Is Happening on the Farm

Who says you can’t make maple syrup in Western Washington? It dipped below freezing in January, so Rooted Northwest member Diane gathered maple sap from our grove of maples. Her gallon of sap boiled down to about half a cup of syrup. Sooo good! 🤗

Diane got her start tapping maples by taking a WSU workshop on big-leaf maple tapping last fall. We are also collecting data on each tree as part of a community science project through WSU called Sapsuckers.


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Photos by Rooted NW members.