Not just a place to live
– a place to be.


Nourishing Northwest Living

Rooted Northwest is Western Washington’s newest agrivillage, combining village living and permaculture farming. Rooted Northwest is a place where community emerges from shared values, meaningful work, and everyday interaction and is supported by participatory decision-making.


Sited in verdant farmland to provide regenerative agriculture opportunities for both community food production and commercial farming.


Individual homes built in tandem around common areas encouraging community, efficiency, and human connection.


Fostering stewardship of the land by promoting farming techniques such as regenerative agriculture, managed grazing, and silvopasture.

Our Vision

Rooted Northwest embodies the joy, connection, and security of co-housing. You get the satisfaction and privacy of owning your own home, plus a sense of community fostered by activities and values shared across generations.



Our Community

We are excited to live in community and be involved in the production of healthful food. While we share many values, we are diverse, coming from many walks, stages, and ages of life, and from all over the world. We have a participatory system of governance to ensure that all voices are heard. We’re eager to work and play together!

Our Land

Rooted NW sits on 240 acres of open farmland and gentle slopes in the foothills of the Cascades east of Arlington, WA in Snohomish County. Arlington is situated in a temperate convergence zone at the 48th parallel with a longer-than-average growing season of 6.2 months.

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