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Everyone who comes to this project has a different set of complementary reasons for wanting this life. Some of us want to raise our kids in a healthy farm environment. Some wish to find stable access to farmland that we can steward and work together. Some of us want to have a more thriving community life surrounded by friends with shared values.

We started this project because we couldn’t find anything in Western Washington that hit all these marks. We felt that the only way to get the lives we wanted was to make it happen ourselves.

Very quickly it became apparent that the vision held by our founding team was attractive to many other people. Now we’ve gathered a community of passionate, dedicated people who are making Rooted Northwest a reality. Come join us!


Individual homes built around common areas encourage community, efficiency, and human connection.
  • Neighborhood of homes designed as a walkable, human-scale village
  • Proven patterns that balance social interaction and privacy
  • Independent, ecological homes clustered along pathways and shared open spaces
  • Following the cohousing model pioneered in Denmark, the heart of the neighborhood is the “commons” – a building that provides large kitchen, dining area, and shareable library, laundry, and additional facilities that are owned and managed by residents


Sited on farmland to provide regenerative farming opportunities for both the community and commercial sale.
  • Community members can access agricultural land for commercial or subsistence projects at no additional cost
  • Many types of agricultural enterprises in close proximity creates the potential for collaboration, innovation, and synergies
  • Essential infrastructure in place includes irrigation lines, greenhouse and nursery space, wash-and-pack facility, tool sheds, and cold storage
  • Permaculture master plan and a dedicated Agriculture Circle guide projects so they are both productive and restorative


The community will promote opportunities to learn and share skills in sustainable design, farming, communication, leadership, and other earth- and community-based topics.
  • We will build platforms to share knowledge with teachers from both within and outside the community
  • Part of the acreage will be utilized for educational programming, providing a place for experimentation and demonstration of regenerative techniques
  • We have an attitude of openness toward sharing what we learn through this life-changing process

Regenerative Practices

We tap into the wisdom of our residents and advisors to create production systems that heal the earth .
  • We are exploring systems that maximize soil health, carbon sequestration, and ecological diversity such as silvopasture, alley-cropping, managed grazing, forest farming, productive riparian buffer strips, and regenerative agriculture
  • We are working with the Snohomish Conservation District to set up viable farm enterprise plans that steward the land, while maintaining or improving yields. This includes an experimental wetland food forest planted in 2022!

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